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SusDane is a provider of stories about sustainability and social awareness for people with an infinite interest in different cultures, what makes society tick and how trust and understanding can be created between people in a globalised world.

Hello and welcome!

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Katrine Carstens

Thanks for making it this far into the sphere beyond Facebook and Twitter!

In this blog I hope to ignite your curiousity about the treasures of a sustainable world through stories and images about travel, culture, society and many things in between. Feedback is most welcome, so let me know what you think.

So who am I? I was born in Denmark but I would describe myself as a global citizen. At 15 I got well and truly bitten by the travel bug and have lived in many countries since, including New Zealand, the UK and The Netherlands. Currently I am based between London and Switzerland.

First and foremost I am a journalist and blogger, but I also have a Masters in Global Development Management. I am available for freelance writing work and am a regular contributor to Sublime and do communications for Our Sansar, a Brighton based charity helping Nepali street children.

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You can reach me on katrine.carstens (at) gmail (dot) com.